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RE: [T3] Pressure Sensor

On 27 Jan 2005 at 8:56, James Montebello wrote:

> I suspect this is because it requires equipment well
> beyond the means of the average mechanic,

This is certainly true, but I think Bosch was also interested in keeping all of 
this information as proprietary as possible.

> According to the site, the majority of the parts in
> the MPSs were identical, and the only changes were
> things like the full-load stops.

I think there were other differences, too. I believe the central spindles of 
the PS were tapered differently to meet different specs, and I think they used 
more than one spring over the years.

When he writes about the brains, he mentions "daughterboards" and suggests that 
the main boards may have all been the same with all the changes made just in 
the daughterboard. This sounds like a reasonable concept, except that none of 
the brains I've ever looked into even had a daughterboard (I'll have to take a 
closer look at some of mine.) So I think he's certainly put a lot of good work 
into this, but it's all aimed at a very narrow (Porsche 914/4) part of the D-
Jetronic world.

His statements may be true for small production cars like Porsches, but type 3s 
and Volvos were made in the hundreds of thousands. For these, there would be no 
reason to put parts on a shelf and then pull them off and calibrate them as 

You don't have to read much of this to realize that there's a WHOLE LOT to know 
and understand in the D-Jet FI. Each of us works in just our little sector of 
it and does the best we can at interpreting and understanding it.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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