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Re: Bella!

>   It only raised the rear end by about half a inch... and the camber in
> towards the top isnt perfect... but it looks a whole hell of a lot better.

If you look at the area where the spring plates pivot, at the front, you can 
see how far the center point can get off center before it starts to rub metal-
on-metal. You only get about 1/8" before this happens, partly because even with 
new rubber in there the weight of the car pushes them off center.

Were your metal parts worn into each other? I'd think that's the only way that 
you could get anywhere close to 1/2"

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

Mr Adney
    I'll have to post pictures of the whole thing when i get a chance. The torsion bar plate/holder was rubbing at the top of the the bushing plate. both inner and outer bushings were squished and destroyed. my approximization is at best, a guess. but Donoald sat level before and i can see a slight nose dive compared to then. (front end is lowered two notch's.) Im sure the spring plates might be bent. cuase like i said , not exactly perfect but close. Im sure the trailing arms would be bent too... yay! ugh.... sounds like a major rear end rebuilt in the near future. Is it a common problem for Auto Type 3s to sag so bad in the rear? cuase every other type three ive seen with a manual sits almost like it was new. Maybe Donoald was just really beat up back there before i bought him :(

Trevor Cleveland
Carson City, NV 
69 Fasty "Donoald"
71 Fasty "Partus Maximus"
Comming soon 70 Fastback or 64 Squareback S  

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