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RE: [T3] 71 automatic squareback

I've got a '71 with the 'retractable seat belts'. It says 7/71 on the door
pillar, a bit younger than yours...

The version of a retractable belt on mine(which I believe to be original) is
a spring loaded thing-a-ma-jig that goes over the belt, it helps retract the
belt a bit, when hanging on the hook, and when using it. I replaced one of
these retractors with a new one from cip1.com...see here:
Try this part number: C16-111-704A

They also sell this thing... C26-857-033, although I do't really know
anything about these. 

You probably should not use that AM radio...I'll be happy to take it off
your hands, and help keep the landfill clean...;)

Good luck with this resto... 


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Subject: RE: [T3] 71 automatic squareback

The seat belts are not retractable. As far as I can tell they never 
have been.  The three point belts just puddle on the floor and flop 
around when not being used. There is nothing to grease or repair as 
there is no retracting mechanism.  It seems folks think the'71 should 
have retractable seat belts, is it possible this was a no frills  
squareback and therefore didn't?  This car does not have 
air-conditioning and has an AM only radio.  

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