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Re: [T3] neutral safety switch

On 26 Jan 2005 at 9:28, jmailliardfleming@verizon.net wrote:

> The neutral safety switch is loose. Let me see if I can describe what I 
> mean. We have removed the gear shift cover.  the bottom of the shifter 
> is in a plastic open topped box.  Inside the box is blue goo. Coming 
> out on the right side of this plastic box is a brass piece of metal the 
> other end of which is inside the blue goo in the plastic box at the 
> bottom of the shifter.  Through use, the metal piece has become 
> mis-shapped/bent/squashed and now will not stay in place when shifting. 

Well, this is a bit of a mystery, because there is usually no plastic open 
topped box nor is there usually blue goo. This sounds like a previous "repair." 
Does this Switch work in P? The OE '71 NSS only worked in N, but someone may 
have tried to modify this one to make it work in P, too.

The OE NSS has 2 parts: the moving part which moves with the shift lever; this 
part is the one which wears out most often, and the stationary part which bolts 
to the right of the lever and to which the wires connect. 

The OE stationary part is just a white plastic block with brass inserts. It may 
be hard to find good replacements for any of these, but repairs can often be 
done with brass shim stock or just readjustment of the position of the 
stationary part.

>   So to start the car, one has to manually line up the metal piece with 
> the gear side when the stick is in neutral.  I just take a flat head 
> screwdriver and push the brass thing into place turn the key and all is 
> well until the next time you need to start the car.

Are you pushing on the stationary part or the moving part?

My best guess on the blue goo is that it is silicone caulk which someone has 
used as part of an earlier repair. This NSS is a common failed part in these AT 
cars. The 72-3 NSS works in both P and N and would make a nice upgrade for the 
earlier cars, but it would require drilling a new hole for mounting, which 
should be relatively easy.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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