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[T3] neutral safety switch

<x-flowed>The neutral safety switch is loose. Let me see if I can describe what I mean. We have removed the gear shift cover. the bottom of the shifter is in a plastic open topped box. Inside the box is blue goo. Coming out on the right side of this plastic box is a brass piece of metal the other end of which is inside the blue goo in the plastic box at the bottom of the shifter. Through use, the metal piece has become mis-shapped/bent/squashed and now will not stay in place when shifting. So to start the car, one has to manually line up the metal piece with the gear side when the stick is in neutral. I just take a flat head screwdriver and push the brass thing into place turn the key and all is well until the next time you need to start the car.
Questions: What is that blue goo? Can I get the brass metal piece out of there and reshape it back to its former shape so it stays put? can this whole piece be replaced? if yes where does one find one? How would one disassemble this box thing to fix this one part, without damaging the plastic box or loosing all the blue goo? I am sure leaving the gear shifter exposed/uncovered is not a good idea but if it is not you can't start the car.
Josephine M Fleming
'71 Automatic Squareback
Arlington, VA

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