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<x-flowed>Hi Everybody,
I hope this is getting to the list. It's my first time.
First of all, THANKS to Jim Adney. I wrote to him about not having heat on my 1971 squareback. He was very helpful and now I do have heat.
I do have some other questions about the heating system on a type3. They may seem kind of dumb, but this is the first air cooled VW that I've had.
There is a flap between the heat exchanger and flex tubing that goes into the passenger compartment. The flap controls the main heat. I can touch that flap. Is it supposed to be open to the air under the car, or should there be some kind of hose or shield there?
I found and removed mouse nests in the heat duct that runs through the rocker panel. When the heat is on, the car seems to have a mousey smell. Are there other places where mice build nests in these things? Is it possible to clean out the heat exchangers? There are two plastic heat distribution boxes under the back seat. They are stuffed with some kind of padding that looks to be from the factory. That padding also has a mousey smell. What is it for? and can I replace it with something else? (Maybe fiberglas insulation?)
Do these type3's usually have a smell associated with the heat?
Thanks a lot for any help you can give me.
Randy Hougham
'71 squareback

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