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Re: type3-d Digest V2005 #44

Ideally, you might want to find someone who is selling a complete FI
kit for a T3 with all the parts for the same year, or even a long
block, or best yet, a whole parts car. The D-Jetronic seems to have
been changed some components roughly every 2 years or so by VW. You
should be able to transplant an entire system onto any long block,
however. The ideal years that people seem to like around here are
70-71, as the early FI had some extra parts, and the 72-73s had more
emissions equipment.

The major components of the FI system:

ECU & wiring harness
Pressure sensor
4 injectors
Distributor (with trigger points for injector timing)
Throttle position switch
Temp sensor 1 and 2
Intake plenum (auto and manuals are different- auto has an extra port
for the vacuum modulator) and runners
Kickdown switch (if auto)
Fuel pump
Fuel pressure regulator
ECU relay and Fuel pump relay
Air Cleaner housing

To reinstall FI is not impossible, but you might be in for a bit of
work. The 2bbl Weber Progressive is at best a goon-job, as you may
have noticed, but it does work. I had one on my first Fasty and it
generally ran fine with decent performance and mileage.

At this point, my personal advice would be to go dual carb- though
that too is not without it's pitfalls (carb synchronisation, for
example). However, it may well be the path of least resistance for
you. There are aftermarket choices out there that will not be as much
of a logistical pain to acquire. Even though I'm a purist at heart,
carbs may be the path of least resistance.

On Tue, 25 Jan 2005 17:03:05 -0500, franzmoore@optonline.net
<franzmoore@optonline.net> wrote:
> Hello Type III Mailing List,
> I've never posted any questions to the list before, but i've been reading the posts for awhile now as my interest in the type III's has slowly developed into an obsession. Well, I've finally got a reason to write as I've recently aquired a 69 Fastback. My first foray into type III's. I'm sure this will be the first of many inquiries on my part but for now, the question i'm debating is this. The car had been converted to a single weber carb at some point, such that, as the carb stuck up past the original engine cover, the previous owner chucked the lid. Ideally, I would like to return it back to the original fuel injection, just not sure where to start. I do have a number of nos type III fuel injection parts at my disposal, including ecu's, fuel pumps, pressure sensors, (i believe that j.adney bought the last of the fuel injectors i had though). As i'm not a professional mechanic, just have a set of metric tools and a love of VW's, i'm also wondering if it might just be easie
> r for me to revert to the dual carb set up that came on the earlier type III's. I know there has been debate on carb versus fuel injection, and i would prefer to go back to the fuel injection, not sure i'm up to the task, technically or financially. Just thought someone might have some input as to the best way to go. I've really enjoyed the posts in the past and have admired the way you guys help each other out. Thanks! ~FRANZ MOORE
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