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Re: [T3] '71 automatic Squareback

<x-flowed>Jim Adney wrote:

You could install '72-3 belts, but I really prefer the '71 setup. They are harder to adjust, but they are more comfortable once adjusted. You will have to get used to watching where you put them when you get out of the car.

I see on my car that it used to have "hooks" for this just below the strap handles. Too bad no one's making repros out of something stronger for these, as they'd certainly come in handy when I get out of the car. For now, I just get out of the car and put the belts back on the seat (as if there was someone sitting there, only I don't click them in obviously), so they don't get dirty on the floor.

Don't take this car to a shop simply because they say they work on VWs, or even if they say they work on OLD VWs. This is a very special and unique old VW.

Excellent advice... For example, the local VW mechanic here knows what he's doing... 30 years or more on aircooled VWs. He works on Type 1 and Type 2's all the time, and rebuilds Porsches as well. I have had to inform him on a lot of stuff regarding Type 3's, and he's still kind of stuck in the "Type 1" mindset. So I end up doing lots of the work myself just to make sure it's done right. He doesn't know much about the D-Jetronic systems either, so I would never take the car to him for any FI stuff.

The original fuel injection is a very good system. Mechanics will try to sell you carb replacements, but you must ignore those suggestions. They will try to sell you something they understand simply because they don't understand this FI system. You'll find plenty of good FI help and advice here on this list.

Or, as we've seen quite a bit on this list, they'll just start replacing parts at random, which ends up costing you sometimes ten times or more what it would've cost you to just come to the list, get the problem diagnosed, and order a part or two that you actually need.


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