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Re: [T3] sources for parts

On 24 Jan 2005 at 21:46, ibjack wrote:

> I understand that price sometimes becomes an issue when restoring or fixing 
> your T3.  I would much rather buy from ISP West because they care about us 
> and repop many QUALITY items specifically for us.  I feel that we should buy 
> from them because of their knowledge, dedication to t3's and their service. 
> Just my $0.02

I certainly agree with your philosophy, but in this instance I think your trust 
is misplaced. I've had several exchanges with the people at ISP, and in each 
case I've found them to be less than satisfactory in their type 3 knowledge or 
interest in the product quality.

In all honesty, I really find them to be rather an enigma, since they seem to 
show a strong interest in type 3s and yet don't seem to be able to follow thru 
with the underlying type 3 knowledge that I would expect from someone who hopes 
to make a living from them.

On at least one occasion they have written to one of our listees claiming that 
their emails to me were bounced because I had blocked them. I don't know what 
the basis for this claim might be, because this address is completely open and 
available to anyone. I get lots of spam, and the vwtype3.org provider really 
provides no blocking services.

In the end, I'd really LIKE for ISP to be the type 3 savior that we'd all 
appreciate, but I just don't see it in their actions.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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