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Re: [T3] '71 automatic Squareback

I'm going to make a bold statement here but with the issues that you currently
have with the car it certainly doesn't sound like the 32,000 miles on the
odometer are the "original" miles...I would add at LEAST another 100,000 to
that figure!

My car was a DAILY DRIVER for over 25 years and still gets driven, though not
as much, today and has over 250K miles on it.  The original turn signal
canceler just crapped out this year.

A car with "only" 32K miles should have no steering problems.  Hell, the car
was hardly driven!  Rust on the body and under the battery?  Highly doubtful
on a car so young mileage-wise.  Non-retracting seatbelts?  Very odd as the
late models came with retracting seatbelts.  Now, after YEARS of use they can
get dirty and that will slow down the retraction ability but shouldn't stop it
completely.  Again, based upon my experience with my car and others I've seen.

Do you have pictures of the car?  Maybe I'm thinking the rust is worse than
explained.  I know they salt the roads back east and that can contribute to
major rust issues...maybe they drove the car in the salted snow then parked it
for the 10 years (ewww!).
> We have recently become the owners of a  71 squareback with 32,000
> original miles...

     Toby Erkson
     '72 VW Squareback, '95 VW Jetta GL, '81 Gold Wing GL-1100, '73 Porsche 914

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