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Re: [T3] '71 automatic Squareback

JosephineF=> 71 squareback with 32,000 original miles.

Congrats, and welcome to the list.

=> sand and paint the whole car or just attack the specific
=> rust areas; patch the holes or weld new metal?

A lot depends on your own capabilities, the quality of the result you need,
and available funds. If your original paint is mostly good, you'll want to
keep it. Matching paint is not difficult. Filling holes with goop and
painting over it is at best a very temporary solution and will probably
promote more rust; welding in metal is far superior and not that much more

=> The speedometer is making a crazy loud noise

Most likely your speedo cable needs a lube or replacement. Left as it is it
will break soon. Lubricating the cable is a fiddly business, and success is
not guaranteed. Replacement cables are not expensive.

=> the steering feels loose

By this age pretty much every Type 3 needs to have its frontend readjusted;
some joints may need replacing as well. Things to look at: steering box
adjustment and lube, alignment, steering joints, ball joints, steering
damper, upper torsion bar anchor.

=> passenger seat mount/track is destroyed.

That's kind of hard to do; can you describe the problem in more detail?

=> door and window seals

Sources fluctuate in availability and quality. I'll leave this one to those
with recent experience. Prepare for sticker shock.

=> I am wondering if in 1971 the turn signal had an automatic
=> cut off like cars do today?

Yes, your car has cancelers. They can break.

=> only the left turn signal light comes on

The dash display has two green pointers, but they are on the same circuit
and both always light up -- unless a bulb is burned out, which is your

=> We want to put on retractable three point seatbelts.

Someone else here will have info on the stock options.

Good luck!

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600

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