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[T3] '71 automatic Squareback

<x-flowed>We have recently become the owners of a 71 squareback with 32,000 original miles. It was given to our son by the original owner's daughter. The car has been sitting for more than ten years un-driven. We have, so far, had the the gas tank replaced, put on new tires and tuned it up to get it driving. We live in Arlington VA right outside of Washington DC, where temperatures are currently in the teens but the car fires right up and drives along even in the snow the other day!
There are many things I would love to know about fixing up this car. There is rust on the body and one hole in the floor in the battery well. This will have to wait until the temps are above freezing but I am wondering what action to take about this, sand and paint the whole car or just attack the specific rust areas; patch the holes or weld new metal?
The speedometer is making a crazy loud noise when you drive at a speed over 25 miles and hour. The speedometer gauge needle jumps around and is hard to read. Can this needle jumping be stopped and have the gauge read more accurately? I have researched the type3 archives and found some information about the speedometer noise from many years ago. I was wondering if anyone has any more thoughts on whether this is generated by the cable or the speedometer itself and what is a good course of action to attempt to eliminate this screaming noise.
Other issues are that the steering feels loose which makes it a little frightening to drive at higher speeds when it is windy. Any thoughts on what to do to correct that?
Next, the passenger seat mount/track is destroyed. My son took the passenger seat out and now we can't put the seat back in the car until we replace the seat mounts. I must say it makes for great leg room from the back bench seat without that front passenger seat in there but most people prefer to drive up front in the car.
All the door and window seals are shot and need to be replaced. Where is the best place to buy door and window seals? We have discovered cip1.com but haven't ordered from them yet. Are there other places to order parts from that are more or less recommended?
I am wondering if in 1971 the turn signal had an automatic cut off like cars do today? This one has to be turned off manually and only the left turn signal light comes on on the dash even though the right turn signal is blinking on the car. What causes that?
We want to put on retractable three point seatbelts. Any advice on that? The ones that don't retract are hard to control and adjust and always seem to want to be hanging outside the car, lying about in the dirt.
I could go on with questions but will stop here.
Thanks for any information and advise you have time to share.
This is such a great car. We want to nurse it back to good health, restore it back to its original beauty and drive it around until the odometer turns back to zero at least twice. This is a first time mechanical/car project for our family and hopefully, if all goes well will become an all consuming passion keeping us busy for years to come.


J M Fleming
Arlington, VA

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