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[T3] Clutch, And FUEL INJECTION?!?!?


   Guess what! most of you probably already know this but its definatly the way to go if you keep having clutch cables break on you, and for those of us who just trashed the Automatic becuase you couldnt find a decent replacement. One of the best ways to go (well so far) is to go to a Hydrualic clutch. I have and it works wonders. if your car had F.I. and doesnt anymore... well you know what that second tube comes in handy for (flush the thing out before please) comes in quite handy as a hydrualic line for your brand new hydrualic clutch.. slide on your sealing nuts , flare the ends... BAM! no need to run a soft line through the tunnel in your type 3... who would want to anyways? I converted donoald (69 FASTY) to manual over a year ago... on had one cable snap.. (i snagged it from a 68 that i had, which later was stolen) but it had visable signs of wear and should have chucked it as soon as i looked at it... well i didnt. I replaced it with a nice replacement brand new. and that worked great. (keep in mind i was a idiot and didnt have a clutch tube welded in when i did this, which would probably also explain my clutch cable failure)  on a similar note the shifting was always the smoothest.  well running this system for a couple days now and the shifting is so much nicer, way less effort is needed to put the pedal down (with a KEP 1700lbs pressure plate) now than it was with a stock VW P.P.  just thought I'd throw that out to anyone contemplating removing a bad automatic tranny  (and those darksiders who want to chuck it even if its good)

     Im currently looking at a 70 Fastback with supposedly working F.I. and a automatic transmission. Im thinking this would be a great daily driver (as it would put less wear and tear on donoalds 1914cc and less wear and tear on my wallet driving the El Camino daily "V8") If anyone has any suggestions as to what I should look for to check this vehicle out (SUGGESTIONS FROM YOU F.I. loving lightsiders would be greatly apreciated!!!) as I will undoubtingly be asking your help in the wonderous feild of the Bosch D-jettronic. (yeah thats right , you lightsiders are getting my attention) Help me out guys.. it sounds like a great vehicle....and i like the idea of better gas mileage out of a Fuel injected daily driver, not to mention the comfy ride of a Type 3 which i have enjoyed since I got Donoald

Trevor Cleveland
Carson City, NV
69 Fasty "Donoald" (Former A/T, F.I., AC, and still a sunroof)
71 Fasty "PARTUS MAXIMUS" (formerly "RUSTOPARTO"
COMING SOON! 70 Fasty  Auto, F.I.   (i guess for 600 bucks you cant go wrong!)

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