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RE: [T3] Aux air regulator?

On 23 Jan 2005 at 10:24, Dave Pallo wrote:

> [Easiest, maybe, but making it like the 68-71 system is the neatest 
> overall. To make that really work right, however, I just realized that you 
> also need the earlier air cleaner with the nipple for the breather gasses.]
> I have the correct '72 air cleaner (with all it's extra hookups for the '72 
> pcv system).....

Which also includes 2 ports for the rocker box vents. You should plug those 
ports now.

> I'm prob. not going to want to use the original '72 'cause the car had 
> factory air and the intake snout faces the passenger side (to get around 
> the compressor) . The other one I have is per the "normal" whereas the 
> snout faces the air connector on the back of the engine bay (however I am 
> missing the rubber piece that connects the air cleaner snout to this engine 
> bay connector.......

There is no special AC air cleaner, they just rotated the normal one, but this 
usually didn't work very well. Personally, I had the type 3 AC, so I'd just 
take it off and put things back to their useful and functional norm.

> Is this a "common" part so maybe I could buy one used?..ya know fits all 
> 68-71???

Not sure which part you're referring to. I have several good used '71 air 
cleaners here. The metal extension should be easy to come up with. The rubber 
connecting bellows will be harder to find in good condition.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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