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RE: [T3] Aux air regulator?

On 22 Jan 2005 at 21:13, Dave Pallo wrote:

> Got it..........I remember seeing crankcase vent pipes on old chevys, which 
> just let crankcase vapors exit into the atmosphere. The only thing that 
> pushed out these fumes was "blow by"........

Right. That was a draft tube; the same as used on type 3s up thru '67. 

> so, on a 68-71 t3.....the black crankcase box was just a way to stop actual 
> motor oil from being exited out the hose........VW just hooked the black 
> box to the air cleaner so any fumes would get burnt.......(instead of 
> letting this hose go to atmosphere)......correct?

Right again.

> So, given my engine situation......my easiest way thing for me to do is gut 
> out the nipple on the outlet pipe of my black box, then run a hose from 
> here to the air cleaner...this way, I'll have a very similar crankcase vent 
> system to a 68-71........correct??

Easiest, maybe, but making it like the 68-71 system is the neatest overall. To 
make that really work right, however, I just realized that you also need the 
earlier air cleaner with the nipple for the breater gasses.

> another thing, why the plastic caps on top of these black boxes? 
> inspection??

Every year has the large one. That just covers the hollow attachment bolt to 
the breather stand. The small 72-3 one covers where the nylon valve goes in and 
protrudes from the bottom in the form of the outlet nipple.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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