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RE: [T3] Aux air regulator?

[From '68 to 71 these vapors were sucked thru a hose to the air cleaner 
they were drawn into the engine and burned.]

so in these engines, if crankcase air and vapors were drawn into the air 
cleaner via a hose......
where did the crankcase get air to replace what was drawn into the air 

[For 72-3 the vapors were pulled directly into the intake manifold. Extra
breather ports were added to the rocker boxes on top of the heads where
additional air, cleaned by the air cleaner, could be pulled INTO the case 
they would scavenge vapors on the way to the breather box and the intake
manifold. These engines are easily identified by the fact that they have 2
plastic caps on top of the breather box.

The latest system is the only one which could accurately be called a 
crankcase ventilation system.]

now this system I understand.....suck vapors into intake, replace with 
clean air from air filter into cyl. heads...makes sense.

It appears I have a '72 breather box (with it's 2 plastic caps and a hose 
nipple on the underside of the box) which now has a hose going to the 
however, I do not have heads on this engine that have breather ports to let 
in fresh air.............
so, how do I hook this baby up?...I'm afraid if I suck air into the intake 
with no means of replenishing the crankcase with fresh air......can you say 
do I put a hose from the bottom of the breather box to the air cleaner so 
it can draw vapors in like a '71 engine? will this work?
(of course I would have to close off the line to the intake as well)

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