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RE: [T3] floor pan information

Has anybody ever used the premade fiberglass floors
that are produced by Glass Action? I too need to
replace my floor,and I heard about t3d, but cash is
the issue with that option. The floor pan halves
offered by GlassAction are $100.00 each. I  would pay
2 Bennies for a whole new floor. The catch is that you
can't really use the floor to mount new seats to, but
so what you can use the shift tunnel and the the door
Also, I have a body lifted 69 SB with bay windows in
back. I am going to loose the lift and get the car
back to stock soon but I need to know if there is any
sort of spacer that sits between the body and the tops
of the shock towers in the front and the rear cause
there are little 4" spacers that currently live in
that space. but I wonder what should be there?  

--- "Jones, Matthew" <mjones@tandbergtv.com> wrote:

> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: chris munson 
> > 
> > The floor pans in the fastback are in need of
> repair/replacement
> > (especially in the rear, and of course, the
> battery tray).  So, I am
> > wondering if anyone can suggest a source for
> replacement floor pans
> > (is there one..?) and/or a shop in the Portland
> metro area that would
> > be capable of doing the replacement/repair work.
> Type 3 Detectives (T3D) do various bits of
> replacement metal.
> A fair bit of it is going into my fastback at the
> moment!
> They're in the UK but mail order all over the world.
> Not cheap, but the metal parts are usually well
> made.
> http://www.typethreedetectives.com/
> They also have lots of old pans which they cut up -
> the guy who's welding ours got a rear section from
> them so he could chop out just the bits he needs.
> Matt.
> UK.
> '73 1600e.
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