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[T3] Bella!

Lol  do my eyes deceive me? could this actually be true? A  FELLOW TYPE 3 LOVER, AND SHE'S 20!!! THERE IS A GOD! lol... ok now this is just sad... maybe i should find a date around here lmao.
    Good news , Donoald's (69 fastback) butt doesnt sag and the rear wheels dont camber in at the top anymore like a lowered swing axle. Installed new urethane bushings in the rear end and nice/striaght and narrow!!!  along the other parts install which are , New high torque starter, new dual quit pack, new bump stops, new rear tires (THANK GOD!) a little resistor thingy (so the tach works correctly now!) new plugs, points etc..  and some other adjustments He sits stout ready for spring... except for the generator coversion which will be ordered from the DDB shortly 
          But heres my question. I have a set of early doors... i did the measurements from the door side of the hinge..(as the other is the old type 3 bolt) any one ever remove the pins from the hinges... my dad suggested that i heat up the hinges with a propane torch and pound em out that way... anyone else got any suggestions? oh , and if anyone has a passanger side release handle with the locking mechanism on it ... SELL ME IT!!! lol hopefully i can get these doors on VERY soon and send donoald away for paint and headliner !!! :)

You guys are the best
Trevor Cleveland
Carson City, Nevada
69 Fasty "Donoald" Sunroof, Former A/T
71 Fasty "Rustoparto" 

P.S. Hey Bella ? what are you doing saturday night? lol just playing sorry ... lol

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