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[T3] what have I done?

<x-flowed>Don't I feel foolish.

My square sat undriven for some days, while I replaced CV's and tended to some other non-engine related odds & ends.

So I get it down off the jackstands, and decide to have a little cruise. After driving for about half an hour, I found myself in the tunnel underneath LAX. It was late, I was practically alone in there, so I decided to make a little noise. I mean, why else would they have made such a long tunnel with such nice shiny echo-ey walls, right? So I press the clutch and tach up pretty good - just for a second, just one quick stomp to blow out the carbon. A nearly-mighty roar from my puny engine, I grin like a fool. And as the motor returns to a normal RPM, there's one huge backfire, and it quits. Restarts no problem, but now it runs like a complete dog, struggles to build power. Acts as if something got sucked down a carburetor throat & is restricting breathing somehow, but I've poked all through there and found nothing. Makes no other suspicious noises, like I messed up a valve or a bearing or anything.


Sheepishly yours,

'72 square
redondo, ca

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