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Re: [T3] Winter Adventure - revised

Im glad you stuck it out with the FI, once you get past the shock of an
unfamiliar system and electronics, and break it down to the basics, its not
so bad. To me, its astounding the lack of diagnostic skills that the so
called professionals have sometimes.
> It took me 23 minutes (yes, less than 1/2 hour) to make it run.  No
> technical documentation was required.  The fuse to the main power relay
> was blown.  The ECU and fuel pump relay were not getting power.

The last thing Id do was pay that bill... in New York, your protected by law
from this kind of thing, but Im sure there is something you can do to keep
from paying for incompetance.
> I finally started to audit their invoice.  They charged 2 hours to
> install a battery.  They charged $98 for a tuneup they simply could not
> have done.  They charged 3 hours to wire the fuel pump around the blown
> fuse.  The hours they charged for the balance were two to three times
> as many as I takes me for the same work.

Once you get to know them, with a few spare parts and a VOM you can diagnose
just about anything in no time flat!  Plug and play... once you get it all
working... there is little to adjust and it all works perfectly.
> Before my trip, on December 31, I bought another 1970 Fastback in
> Kentucky that also had not run for 4 years.  It took me 6 hours to do
> everything (remove and flush tank, overhaul FI fuel pump's pop-off
> valve, replace fuel lines, flush balance of fuel system, ..., and have
> it running.)  These fuel injection systems are really COOL!

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