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Re: [T3] Question about ignition key and steering lock

I have this problem as well, with my '67.
so, I'll be following in your footsteps to repair mine.

I saw a link posted to this list a while ago, to photos of the lock assembly apart,
it looked like they used what remained of the old spring, and just bent it to
fit a new location. I wish I had bookmarked the link.

All, Is the spring hard to source?


On Jan 11, 2005, at 4:41 PM, Keith Park wrote:

If your referring to the 67 and earlier lock cylinder, the return spring is
at the deepest darkest and most buried part of the assembly. Itsnot really
obvious how to get it apart but it does come apart and if your observant
and careful you can find the way. Try the list archives, I wrote it up
about 3 years ago but its not in my head anymore. You will need a new


It seems that when you switch to engage the starter, the key
does not automatically spring back to the run position. I have
assumed that there is a broken spring inside. However, I am nervous
to take the lock tumbler apart. Has anyone done this? Is it possible
to repair these systems? My second, or is it third question, regards
the steering lock. It looks like there was something there but I
gather that it is missing. Did these have a steering lock? Does
anyone have a picture, diagram or other information that I can use.
Is it worthwhile to take it to a locksmith?

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