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Re: cali black license plate talk. ( was: [T3] Registrations (NY) )

At 02:16 PM 1/10/05, knowonelse@sbcglobal.net wrote:
In my case I am the owner who, at on time, had it registered,
then went non-op, and let that lapse for about 10 years, so
I'm concerned that they will try to gouge me for back non-op fees.

I wouldn't have it looked up.  Buddy of mine does the DMV counter at 
AAA in Petaluma, and the "roll-off" only happens if there's *no* 
activity on the vehicle registration for five years.  Inquiry on teh 
VIN or plate # is activity and keeps it in the system if it hasn't 
rolled off.  Also (IIRC) they won't let you use the yellow-on-black
plates unless it's been continually registered since the plates were 
issued .. Cali's year-of-manufacture plate program has the cutoff is 
done in such a way that the newest YOM plates allowed are the 
black-on-yellow  "1956" plates, with stickers for the years between '56 
and whenever they started the yellow-on-black ('62 or '63)

If the stickers are ten years out of date, you're "safe".  Best bet 
(IMO) is to go to the DMV office and kinda play dumb -- it's been 
sitting in your sideyard, you just got it roadworthy, but someone 
stole the plates several years ago but you only noticed a few months 
ago. That way you can keep the yellow-on-black set instead of turning
them in .. you won't get to *use* them unless the DMV gets their 
collective head out of their arse and fixes the YOM program, but at 
least they won't be turned into razorblades or Toyotas or some other
disgusting fate.

Hope this helps .. I'm a little rusty on the ins-and-outs of the CA 
DMV, but unless there've been some *massive* changes since I moved 
last year it's probably pretty accurate.. 

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