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Re: [T3] Cranks, but no start

On 10 Jan 2005 at 19:59, brian b wrote:

> I'm in the central valley of CA.  Its been cooler here and recently
> very wet.  When it started it was a very very low ilde with the pedal
> to the floor.  It would crank fine till it caught. So it is turning
> over and cranking, but no start. 

"Turning over" and cranking are the same thing. You didn't define "cooler," but 
I'll guess that this doesn't mean very cold, maybe just 40-60F. It's quite 
likely that your gas tank overflow hose is broken. Do you smell gas after left 
turns? If so, then you probably have a lot of water in your gas tank from 
driving in the rain. You may have to drain the tank to get rid of it, as there 
can be several quarts of water sitting in the bottom of the tank.

A cracked/broken overflow hose MUST be fixed or water in there will ruin the 
fuel system.

If it's damp, you may also have condensation inside the dist cap. Just wipe it 
out with a paper towel.

> Have not had the tuneup done for about 3 months.  I
> don't drive it long distances, so it doesn't have more
> thatn 1500 mi since then, maybe under 1000.

Not a problem.

> Had a rebuilt motor put in it in April.  Gas milage
> has seemed to be maybe 15-20 max.

Your mileage is too low. You may have other problems which you won't be able to 
check out until you get the engine running. A worn voltage regulator will make 
the FI run rich and this will carbon up the plugs.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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