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[T3] Question about ignition key and steering lock

<x-flowed>Hi Folks

Oooppsss ... more questions. We have finished the pan. Yahoo!!! And now onto new items. I have a couple of questions about the steering lock and ignition key. The previous owner replaced the steering wheel based ignition key with an under the dash one. I tried to figure out why. It seems that when you switch to engage the starter, the key does not automatically spring back to the run position. I have assumed that there is a broken spring inside. However, I am nervous to take the lock tumbler apart. Has anyone done this? Is it possible to repair these systems? My second, or is it third question, regards the steering lock. It looks like there was something there but I gather that it is missing. Did these have a steering lock? Does anyone have a picture, diagram or other information that I can use. Is it worthwhile to take it to a locksmith?

In the meantime, we have completely assembled the chassis and have rolled the car to the other garage. This week I will rebuild the motor and installed the carbs that I have bought from John. Then we can work on the body. Of course, pics are on the website.

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