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[T3] Fwd: 6V to 12 V conversion question

<x-flowed>>Hi Folks

We want to convert the 6 V Notch to 12 and I just learned that there are 12 V cranks and 6 V cranks. The difference appears to be the flywheel end of the crank. If I go for a 12 V crank then I have to have a 12 V flywheel which is the same as on a type 1. This also necessitates a type 1 clutch and pressure plate and some clearance issues around the bel housing. I guess I would have to do some mods to fit a 12 V starter. But I have 2 6 V pressure plates and 2 useable clutches. I also have a working 6 V starter which I gather would also be happy with 12 V. So my question is whether I need to change this crank for a 12 V cranks. The fellow I was talking to said, well no not really.. but I thught that I would check with you folks. I sure would appreciate any comments before I make the decision. I am trying to get the engine ready now so this is an important decision to make.

Also, I read the article on 6V to 12 V conversions by Toby Erkson. I see that someone else used an alternator from a Mazda. Are there any other suggestions for this conversion.



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