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Re: [T3] Cranks, but no start

AFTER you have verified that your valves are adjusted OK, timing is good, points/dwell OK, spark to all four cylinders is there, then I'd begin to suspect an over-rich condition, at least while you are trying to start.  (Any fouling of the plugs?)  Over-rich during starts could be caused by a couple of things: 

1) You might have a leaky injector or two.  Easy to test per instructions in the Bentley manual.  I use a short wide-mouth Mason jar to observe and catch the injector squirts.  

2) You might have a fuel pump relay that is wired wrong, such that the pump runs all the time when the key is turned "on"  (My '69 came to me with this condition).  Do you hear the fuel pump hum continually whenever the key is turned to "on", whether the engine is running or not?  Try opening the throttle while you try to start.  This will allow more air in to even out an over-rich fuel mix.  

3) Your ECU might be one of those that tends to allow too much fuel in to start, resulting in sometimes in a difficult starting condition.  I understand this tends to happen only with '68 cars with an ECU with an "A" suffix in the Bosch part number.  This probably is not the cause of a consistent problem, however, as I run a brain from a junked '68 (thanks to Russ W!), which runs very well for me in my '69.  I recall Jim A. mentioning how he temporarily unplugs the power to the FI pump relay during starts to make his '68 start nicely..

Mark Fuhriman
'69 Fastback

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I've been having trouble with my 68 SB FI.  ..  Since
it is FI, I do get the smell of fuel.  Any clues?  

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