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Re: cali black license plate talk. ( was: [T3] Registrations (NY) )

<x-flowed>What I was told is that Calif recycles the license numbers,
and if you are lucky, the numbers on the plate have not
been re-used. If they have been re-used, you are out of
luck. If they are not in use, you should be able to get them
to re-issue them to you.

This is a situation where I would drive to a neighboring
town, wait in line, and talk to someone in person about
the situation.

There is a bunch of info on the http://www.dmv.ca.gov/
website and some phone numbers to contact. Personally,
I don't like to leave a paper trail until I am positive of the
outcome. In the case of plates, if the numbers are in use,
they may ask you to surrender the plates. Ask generically
first what happens, before you identify the actual plate numbers.

Another possibility is to contact the local police and ask to
talk to the person who does the VIN check on old cars.
Not only do they know a huge amount of information on
where all of the VINs are located, they usually are folks
who appreciate old cars, and know who to contact to do
things properly.

If the VIN has been off the CA DMV list for over a few
years, it probably will not show up on their computer, so
they will require you to go through a full vehicle inspection
and this will involve the local police or sheriff mentioned
above. If you contact them early for advice on the proper
processes, it should ease things later on.

In my case I am the owner who, at on time, had it registered,
then went non-op, and let that lapse for about 10 years, so
I'm concerned that they will try to gouge me for back non-op fees.

Jeff  '67 Sqbk in not-so-sunny-CA

John Fessenden fess wrote:

I have the original black plates for my '67 square, which I would really like to use.
however the car sat unregistered for a period of 10 years, and as such it has the new white plates now.

I've both heard that it's possible, and that it is not possible to get the DMV to let me use the black plates.

Does anyone know the story that makes it possible?

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