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Re: [T3] Registrations (NY)

In a message dated 1/9/05 5:49:28 PM Eastern Standard Time, cars@tiserves.com 
> Here in NY I'm spending about $500 a year to insure one of my VWs. As 
> long as I'm not driving it when the salt is flying, I'm thinking of 
> taking off the insurance, which would mean I'll also have to turn in my 
> plates. Does anyone else do this every year? 

Yes, I do something similar, but I get to keep my plates. My insurance agent 
is pretty good about it, since I've been doing it so long, and I've had him 
for an agent for over 20 years too. In fact his first question is,"which VW are 
putting on now?" : ) We rotate the insurance a few times a year here.

> I don't know how much money I'd actually save doing this, so I don't
> know if it's worth the hassle of going to the DMV every spring to deal 
> with re-registering the car and getting the inspection done again. 

I know that just suspending my "normal" insurance on my type 3s saves me 
plenty. :O

> I suppose I have to get it inspected every year anyway... I also don't 
>want to be restricted to historical driving during the summer, so I don't 
>want to go the "vintage plate" route.
 We don't have a yearly inspection here, but our state also offers a 
historical plate with similar restrictions, so it really isn't much of a deal (other 
than the cost). Our registration fee is very reasonable though, but our state's 
been messing with getting older expired plates out of their system. I had 
wanted to transfer an older bug plate onto my Roadster 2, but since it hadn't in 
use for over 2 years the computer dropped it. I ended up putting a new plate 
on it instead. My son's Roadster is still currently using it's historical plate 
though. At least it keeps the township off my butt, by it being current 
(expires in April 2007). Just some food for thought.

Bob 65 Notch S w/ Sunroof
       71 Square, now a 2 seat Roadster, pics can be seen at; 

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