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Re: [T3] Registrations (NY)

Twice a year!  In the fall I take the RX7 and Square off and put the golf
on, and vice versa in the spring.  I leave the notch on all year as it has
antique insurance which is dirt cheap.

Take the plates in to DMV, they give you a receipt or credit if your reg
will still be good beyond the spring so you just get new plates in the
spring... costs a buck or 2 each time unless its time to renew the reg.
inspection is good for a year no matter what you do with the car.  I know
last summer I saved $220 by getting the Golf off the road for the summer.
You may want to keep comprehensive coverage on your car though incase there
is a fire or vandalism etc.... but you usually need it garaged to do that.


Keith Park

Top Notch Restorations
71 Squareback
65 Notchback
65 Squareback
87 Golf
88 Rx7 10th Anniversary

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> Here in NY I'm spending about $500 a year to insure one of my VWs. As
> long as I'm not driving it when the salt is flying, I'm thinking of
> taking off the insurance, which would mean I'll also have to turn in my
> plates. Does anyone else do this every year? I don't know how much money
> I'd actually save doing this, so I don't know if it's worth the hassle
> of going to the DMV every spring to deal with re-registering the car and
> getting the inspection done again. I suppose I have to get it inspected
> every year anyway... I also don't want to be restricted to historical
> driving during the summer, so I don't want to go the "vintage plate"
> Aaron
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