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Re: [T3] Registrations (NY)

NY pro-rates its registrations, so if you register it seasonally,
you're saving insurance + registration for 6 months. If you want to
maintain the same plates, you could get vanity plates and turn them
into your DMV office- they'll hold them there for up to a year. I
looked into historical registration in NY. I don't believe the rules
are as strict as "parade use only" types of historical registrations
in other states. I was considering this route, which would allow me to
use the blue text on orange plates of my childhood on my Fasty.

This is from the NYS DMV Web Site:


"You cannot use a historical vehicle for daily transportation.  An
automobile collector normally registers a historical vehicle or a
vintage vehicle to use it for exhibits, club activities, tours, and

Also, bear in mind:

"Contact your insurance company to get information about insurance for
a historical vehicle or a vintage vehicle.

The insurance identification card that is issued to you must display
the word 'HISTORICAL' to indicate the type of insurance coverage that
is provided. "Antique" and 'classic' are not acceptable words."

I don't imagine that they would block you from using the historical
registration for, say a Sunday drive somewhere. I was considering
driving my fasty the 45 miles each way to work once a month (weather
permitting) to exercise its mechanicals and keep her in shape.

On Sun, 09 Jan 2005 17:49:00 -0500, Aaron Clow <cars@tiserves.com> wrote:
> Here in NY I'm spending about $500 a year to insure one of my VWs. As
> long as I'm not driving it when the salt is flying, I'm thinking of
> taking off the insurance, which would mean I'll also have to turn in my
> plates. Does anyone else do this every year? I don't know how much money
> I'd actually save doing this, so I don't know if it's worth the hassle
> of going to the DMV every spring to deal with re-registering the car and
> getting the inspection done again. I suppose I have to get it inspected
> every year anyway... I also don't want to be restricted to historical
> driving during the summer, so I don't want to go the "vintage plate" route.
> Aaron
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