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Re: [T3] Backfire, no start

It does sound like the common problem - you may find the motor is dirty around
the commutator/brush area and all it needs is a clean around the brush-area and
lubrication of the starter gear slide.  While the starter motor is out, check
the bush in the bell-housing for wear.

If the starter motor runs when shorting the connections together (out of gear!)
as suggested elsewhere, you may find everything is then back to normal.  Best to
continue with the cleanout or it's likely to catch you out at other times.

There's some info at www.hallvw.clara.co.uk/starter.htm

Many people fit a relay near the battery to relieve wear and tear on a tired old
ignition strater switch.  I resisted this for years, but now I think it's a good
idea as it's farly cheap, the wiring is conveniently done and the switches are
getting harder to find.  If everyone had added relays to the push-button dashes
years ago, they would be in a far better state now.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club
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> Jim Adney wrote:
> >On 6 Jan 2005 at 13:42, Aaron Clow wrote:
> >
> >
> >>If I turn the pulley by
> >>hand, it moves fine so everything internally seems OK. Connections on
> >>the starter seem fine as well. The generator & oil lights come on when I
> >>turn the key... Just no cranking.
> >>

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