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Re: [T3] Question about cold start valve and FI wiring harness

On 6 Jan 2005 at 8:33, Roush, Norman wrote:

> My '68 Squareback with stock FI does not have a cold start valve.  I am
> considering buying a FI wiring harness that includes the CSV wires.
> This harness has the correct 2-wire throttle valve connector so I think
> I can use it in my '68.  Will not having the CSV wires connected be a
> problem?  Should I just tape the ends for protection against grounding?

The CSV was just an option in 68-9, and I don't think any of us has figured out 
what determined who got it and who did not. (It wasn't an option that the new 
owner got to choose; it just appears that some regions got it and others 
didn't. My '68 did not have it.

For the cars that got it, it consisted of a whole bunch of stuff, including 
lots of extra wires, hoses, valves and connections. It was in no was similar to 
the later ('70-3) CSVs. A correct '68-9 harness with the CSV wiring will have a 
LOT of extra stuff on it. With care, I think you can just cut off everything 
that you don't need, but you really want to know what you're doing, or you'll 
cut something that you wish you hadn't.

You've got the right idea in looking for the 2-pin TVS connector. The later 
harnesses won't work for you.

Are you just considering buying this to replace a really messed up old harness? 
If the new one is really new, then that isn't a bad idea. Don't throw out the 
old one, however, it has useful parts on it.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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