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so no 05 invasion? how about a meet? who wants to come to reno!? riiiight... Sorry its just kinda depressing knowing I cant drive Donoald until the weather warms up.... and I finally bought the rear bushings i so desperatly needed..But its to dang cold outside to work on him IN THE SNOW!!!
      oh btw.... calipers and rotors off a late 944 (brembo!!!) will work... the Type 3 bearing races fit in the rotors and the caliper bolts right up :) testing will happen this summer..... Oh and for those who were asking about alternator conversion... im gonna end up buying the kit from the DDB. along with the door seal conversion (ducks from flying drum rotor thrown at my head) The darkside may be strong .... but i dont do anything i cant put back to stock at a later date! When donoald is finish (lol is a Volkswagen ever finished?) He'll look stock outside except for the 18" Porsche Sport Classic 2 wheels :-D  OK THATS IT, I NEED A GIRLFRIEND! lmao 

P.S. Anyone who lives relatively close to reno,nv/Carson city have a squareback, or fasty for cheap ... i mean REALLY cheap!
preferably something with working fuel injection...(never thought id see the day where i would WANT fuel injection)

love, Peace, and wheel bearing grease
Trevor Cleveland
Carson City, NV
69 Fasty "Donoald"
71 Fasty "RUSTOPARTO!"

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