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[T3] AT rebuild

As some of you may know, my '69 Squareback's automatic transmission is due for a rebuild:


I decided to look for a rebuilder through my Friendly Local Type 2 Repair Shop here in Berkeley, California (http://thebuslab.com), since the Type 2 uses a similar AT.

I got in touch with the The Bus Lab folks after they got back from their holiday, and they recommended Ron of Ron's Transaxle in San Pablo, CA, near Richmond, just a bit north of me. 510-235-6263. They do all of the tranny rebuilds -- manual & AT -- for The Bus Lab, and the 'Lab folks said that Ron has some 30 years of VW tranny rebuilding experience.

So! I phoned Ron's and spoke to Brad, who was very helpful. I mentioned the year, make and model... not only had he heard of a Squareback, but he said, "oh, an 003 transmission." A good sign. :)

Well, I can bring in my whole tranny, and they would completely rebuild the AT part (not the differential). This includes cleaning the valve body and the governor. They also swap the torque converter for a rebuilt unit. The damage? $85. 1 year / unlimited mileage warranty. Brad indicated about a four business day turnaround time on the rebuild.

A chunk o' change, but these folks are probably the only reliable game in town. Of course, somebody probably has a parts car with a serviceable T3 w/ an AT for $100 within an hour's drive of here... I'll have to weigh the options.

Interestingly, Brad at Ron's indicated that they most often see 003s used in trikes these days! They've been rebuilding 003s for trike builders all over the country. Interesting.

Well, if folks have any feedback or suggestions on what I learned today, shoot a reply off to the list. It's about time that I get the ol' '69 rollin' again!!


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