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Re: [T3] interior panels

It doesn't sound as if the upholstery glue is sticking to the vinyl.  It should
be easy to see if it sticks to it or not - try rubbing it off.  That board is
very absorbent - maybe you've just primed it.  Maybe try again?  Bits of vinyl
is used to cover access holes for fender bolts - try some of that to test

There are certainly special adhesives for vinyl - I used some to put a patch
behind a tear on a Fastback seat.
I imagine they stick to any absorbent surface too.  I too have to do this soon -
vinyl peeling off the trim panels.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club
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Subject: [T3] interior panels

> Has anyone here redone the vinyl inside panels recently? I'm redoing the back
panels in my square back. After peeling off the original heat sealed vinyl the
"panel" is somewhat similar to a peg board material. My problem is deciding what
type of glue to use. I am re-covering the panels with a cloth backed vinyl. I
have tried a generic upholsetry spay glue but the board basically absorbs it and
the vinyl peels off after 24 hours. Is there anything available (retail) that
you've had sucess with or should I just keep trying till it sticks?
> Thanks for the help.
> John
> 65 square (weezer)

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