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Re: [T3] 2006 Invasion

2008 Invasion - WI?
I wonder if the EAA at Oshkosh would have some suggestions - they use UW rooms
up at Oshkosh for the flying event.  Could maybe load up a cargo 747 at LA with
Type 3s?  ;-)

Hershey weather was lovely - none of that hot sun as at Parma - real English
summer temperatures, but without the threat of wet days.  What was that?  You
found it chilly?

Let's face it, the company is the most important bit - cars and people, I mean.
I thought the fact there was something else to do in the area made it easier for
Anne; she's very tolerant but 4 days in one field is stretching things if
there's no other local attraction.  Spectacular scenery would compensate though.
She also enjoyed the varied eatery, and made full use of it, I think.

Yes, the one Motel in Parma seemed to accommodate everyone who wanted that sort
of place.  We could do with a campsite adjacent to the Motel though.  Would that
work anywhere in Myrtle Creek, Brian?

I missed the long drive in a Type 3 - it's not quite the same accompanying them
as actually being in one.  My sense of adventure is greater than Anne's, so I
think 2006 may well have to be a West coast scenic tour, in a hire-car again.
Steve, our youngest, did that with his friends in 2004, so I think she would
like to come as well, if we haven't spent all our retirement savings by then.

Ah, the event website.
I liked the map and list of planned invaders. Even if some didn't make it after
all, they were still there in spirit.

The logo was very good - maybe the car outline became a bit too subtle once
transferred to the Tee-shirts, but it was a brilliant idea, and we can all spot
a Type 3 from 50 paces anyway.  Not sure how easy an Oregon version will be, but
there's 18 months to get working on it.  Crater lake as a big VW roundel, maybe?

Maps, local info all helpful.  Well done, John.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club

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