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Re: [T3] 2006 Invasion

On 4 Jan 2005 at 20:48, Steven Ayres wrote:

> JimA=> How about somewhere in the Great Lakes region. 
> From where I sit, that's East Coast, give or take a day. 
> You want a central location? Salina, Kansas.

Kansas would be fine with me, but I don't know anything about it. We'd like to 
find someplace pleasant, however. The sun at the Parma Motor-Vue was brutal, 
but Hershey was wonderful. Of course the weather is not always predictable.

Colorado might be more interesting.

I keep coming back to Wisconsin, however. It's not far from central (east- 
west, at least) and the university here has lots of dorms which they rent out 
to groups at what I assume to be very reasonable rates in the summer. We have 
lots of grass, trees, lakes and generally beautiful weather in the late summer.

Madison is a medium sized town with incredible cultural variety. We have ethnic 
restaurants of almost every conceivable origin, from Afgan and asian, to 
Mediterranean, to Nepali, to Zanzabarian (is that a word???) And, yes, there's 
the Essen Haus with plenty of good German food and beer, as well as several 
local brew pubs, and a few small but excellent local breweries that give tours.

I'm afraid I don't really know where our Ronald McDonald house is, but I DO 
know that Cindy Crawford comes back here periodically to stump for it, since 
her brother was treated for some kind of cancer at the University hospital a 
number of years ago. Of course I can't promise that Cindy will visit our 
Invasion, but it's probably more likely than a Tsunami in this part of the 
world.  ;-)

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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