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RE: [T3] 2006 Invasion

My comments below, throughout Brian's clipped message.

>-----Original Message-----
>From: Brian Fye [mailto:Brian.Fye@susd.k12.or.us]
>Once i receive a date, the invasion will have one day that corresponds
>with a local area general car show and city festival in Myrtle Creek.

I still can't belive you live in Myrtle Creek. Of all places to choose, why
South Umpqua High??? (For those who do not know, I grew up in that area, and
South Umpqua was my high school's main rival)

>We will be doing a cruise to crater lake.  pictures do not do the lake
>justice.  also there are literally dozens of 'ideal' places to take
>photos of our cars with the lake in the background.  This cruise will be
>at a fairly lazy pace up a very pretty and curvey state highway through
>the woods.

Not only Crater Lake, but also Diamond Lake. Both are excellent places to
visit. As a kid I went up there every summer with my family. OR-138 is
extremely fun to drive in a good handling car. The best time I ever had on
that road was in an MG Midget, but that's another story (December, 30
degrees, top stuck down). Here is a map showing the probable cruise route:
http://neil.us/stuff/cruisemap.gif The red star on the map is Roseburg.
Myrtle Creek is about an inch down from the star on I-5 (I grew up in
Sutherlin, about an inch up (12 miles) from Roseburg). You follow 138 up the
North Umpqua river in some of the most beautiful scenery around. Look here
to see a little of it: http://www.or.blm.gov/roseburg/rec/nuws_photo.html
and http://www.northumpqua.org/ If you're into rafting, this river has it
too: http://www.fs.fed.us/r6/umpqua/rec/rafting/nu_boating.html and
http://www.nwrafters.org/chapters/Umpqua/HTML/north_umpqua.htm  Mount
Thielsen is another spot to not miss:
http://www.neworegontrail.com/thielsen.jpg and

>Finally, remember what the original focus of the Invasions are... Show
>up at a smallerish town, meet other type 3 people for a common interest,
>enjoy building a kindred bond with said other people, and just relax!

The whole meaning of the invasion. As Brian posted on his website article
(http://www.geocities.com/menacefye/main.html) there are many cool things to
see and do in the Roseburg area. You are only an hour from the beach
(although the water is cold) and just minutes away from wilderness. Much to
see and do in the area. I encourage all to attend. I know I'll be there. I
just have to figure out how to get all my cars from Idaho to the invasion.


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