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RE: [T3] air compressors


Something to remember. Here in the Boise area we are in a desert
environment. I personally open the petcock valve on my compressor about once
every 3 months and usually nothing but air comes out. In 7 years of living
in this area I've only had water in my compressor once. I only use my
compressor about twice a month and turn it off between uses. When I lived in
Austin, Texas, I bled my compressor after every use and had water every
time. There is a difference between the usual 20% humidity here in Idaho and
the usual 80% humidity I faced in Austin.


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i just bought an air compressor from harbor freight to work on the fasty
winter. it is a 21 gal standup. in the manual it states that everyday i need
drain the moisture through the little valve on the bottom, to prevent rust
damage to my tools. is it absolutely neccessary to do it everyday? it may be
weeks between uses of this thing. thanks

sorry if this is slightly off-topic, but i caould not find any info on the


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