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Re: [T3] air compressors

Just a little story about OLD air compressors.
I have a 1941 champion speed air, and even though I dont leave it on in the
winter if it warms up a bit I pump the tank up.  Last winter I did just
that, walked out to my shed to get a bag of potting soil and after about 30
seconds the compressor went off like a cannon!
    This old beast runs the air through a seperate base on the compressor,
cast iron, to cool it and the only blow off valve is on the main tank so the
inlet line to the main tank froze and after putting several thousand PSI in
that little cast base it exploded.
    I learned several things that day,
1) Had I not had a green thumb, I wouldnt be here today!
2) half inch copper water line has a VERY HIGH bursting pressure... as it
3) You can discharge artillary in my neighborhood and NOBODY will care!

I found peices of cast iron hundreds of feet away...  So, if you have an old
compressor DONT use it if there is any chance a line can freeze unless you
are darn sure you have a burst valve of appropriate pressure BEFORE any
place that can freeze.  Modern stuff should have these safety's built in...
but double check it!


> > Try and find yourself a ball valve to replace that cheap petcock thing,
> > you'll be happier you did. Drain it after using, and sometimes during
use depending
> > on temperature and humidity. My 80 gallon unit that I use for working on
> > type3s had one of those cheap petcock valves, and that was the first
thing I
> > replaced on it. I've been happy since, and the ball valve works so much
> > : ) I hope this helps.
> >
> My 60 gallon 7hp US General from Haror Freight, sits in an unheated part
> of the shop, but is always on. (wife can air her own flat tires). I am
> in the process of putting an automatic unloader on it, but it won't do
> much good in the winter, as the moisture will be frozen.
> Another trick, if it is in a heated area, is to just let the bleader
> valve leak, (just a liiiittle bit). This keeps all the moisture out of

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