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[T3] 2006 Invasion

For those who are thinking about coming to the 06 invasion, here are a
couple small changes that will happen.

Once i receive a date, the invasion will have one day that corresponds
with a local area general car show and city festival in Myrtle Creek. 
This means we will have our own section and awards within the car show
area.  I hope this exposure to the general public will increase interest
in the Type 3 scene.

We will be doing a cruise to crater lake.  pictures do not do the lake
justice.  also there are literally dozens of 'ideal' places to take
photos of our cars with the lake in the background.  This cruise will be
at a fairly lazy pace up a very pretty and curvey state highway through
the woods.

The park that the Invasion will be using, along with the city festival
will have live music at times, covered play area for children, carnival
type food booths and my house is just a few dozen yards away if people
need rest from the festivities, shelter, tools etc...

There is an RV/camping area at one end of the park if people don't want
to stay in a hotel.  My goal is to have all the dates, host hotel and
suck posted 12 months out from the event.  

Finally, remember what the original focus of the Invasions are... Show
up at a smallerish town, meet other type 3 people for a common interest,
enjoy building a kindred bond with said other people, and just relax! 
The 04 invasion really nailed the relaxed part with the food/fun at the
host hotel, the getting lost in town tour, and at the event site.  

Brian Fye
South Umpqua High School
In -School Suspension Supervisor

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