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Re: [T3] brakes

On 3 Jan 2005 at 13:11, Amy Rarig wrote:

> I just replaced the whole brake system and have wheel cylinders and
> frount calipers from a 68 square in good shape.  looks to be in
> restorable with a rebuild kit.  also have 4 lug drums in good shape. I
> replaced with new cause its was my daily driver and didn't want to
> take any chances with the wife driving it Smile.   

Sure wish you'd asked about this here first. Most of the parts you can buy new 
are not as good as the original parts would be if rebuilt. I rebuild these for 
a price, and the price is competitive with the poor quality new stuff. The new 
calipers being sold now, for example, all seem to actually be type 1 Ghia 
calipers, with 40mm pistons rather than the correct 42mm pistons. Thus you 
throw away 10% of your front wheel braking force just from the start.

Please don't just let your old parts sit. If left exposed to the air they will 
quickly rust and become unsalvagable. If you want to keep them as spares I will 
rebuild them for you, or if you don't want them, I'll buy them from you for 
cores, as long as they are OE parts.

Were your new drums just like the old ones? I've seen replacements with thick 
sides, so that the wheel lug bolts don't get as much purchase in the hub 
threads, so then they tend to strip out. The original drums have cast rims with 
a pressed steel side face, while the cheap replacements are one piece castings.
I do not recommend the one piece castings.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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