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Re: [T3] HE internal ID and fins

I hadn't thought to open them up...
I worked the sheetmetal apart and discovered that they are BOTH
are cast fin.One's casting is much shorter than the other and almost
totally blocked by casting flash.I assumed,(wrongly),that what I was
told was true.And peering inside seemed  to confirm this.
Seemed like the end of a spiral structure.
Hurrumph!And Russ is correct,tailpieces are in evidence.
Well,just goes to show that I sure as hell don't know anything
about HE's!

My apologies,all.
(especially Jason)


David V.Nelson Darkside '69 VW Fasback(ZOOOOOOOOOOM) '86 GW (passes everything but a gas station) '93 Firehawk (now supercharged) '81 Escort (249,000 miles,now deceased) '90 Escort rmcevoy1@NOSPAMtwcny.rr.com davidvnelson@hotmail.com

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These look like someone welded new tail inserts on them.  Some of the
inserts were restrictive, some werent.  Looks like you have one of
yea, with a big engine that sure would be like a bannana in the tailpipe!

Still, the spiral fins are intriguing...  you need one of those cameras
use to do rectal exams.  Still... better pic's than I would have taken!

That is what I was going to say, that one looks like one of the repair
pieces. Some of those are made from off the shelf hollow, cold rolled, bar
stock. If the ID is 1 3/8th", I bet it is. That is why I machine my own.

Russ Wolfe
(still on the road)

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