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Re: [T3] SB with IV engine--was Wasser engine

<x-flowed>Dave Hall wrote:

In the front or the rear? (Because I once saw what looked like a Rabbit/Golf
with a type 1 engine in the rear.) Could this have been one of your early

I've seen photos (god only knows where) of allegedly FRONT engined
sedan-type aircooleds, also. I would love to see a website somewhere
officially documenting the oddballs produced by Volkswagen do Brasil.

The Brazilian Gol had a front engined aircooled Type1. I wouldn't like to say if it was a Polo or Golf body - though I tend to think it was Golf.

They made a Polo Sprint - a squareback Polo with a 1900cc rear-mounted flat four
watercooled digijet producing 136hp.  Since our Polo scrabbles its front wheels
on 45hp, I think they were wise to rear-mount the engine!

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Supposedly all these Polo, Gol, Parati, Saviero are the same platform, namely the BX platform. This is not to be confused with the B1 platform, which was the original Passat/Dasher.

I found a treasure trove of info on this creature, including the elusive air cooled FWD Gol (not Golf!)

Origins of the species:

And the Elusive Gol. Check out the stylin' 2 spoke steering wheel and Porsche-like engine fan shroud:

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