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Re: [T3] SB with IV engine--was Wasser engine


Steven Ayres wrote:

Wasn't Benz a bicycle mechanic or something?

Yes, Carl Benz was a bicycle and horse carriage repair man, who had special interest in the self-moving horse carriages.

I don't think I've ever heard what industrial base Porsche started with, if any. Anyone know?

Ferdinand Porsche was an engineer, he worked with both Auto Union and Mercedes-Benz before he opened his own design office in Stuttgart. He developed several different cars, among them for companies like NSU, and later the KdF-car for the Nazi regime, the car that later adopted the name Volkswagen, after it's identical nickname.

It was Ferdinand's son Ferry who made the first 356 sports car, developed shortly after both he and his father was released from French prison, where they were under arrest from 1945 to 1948, charged with war crimes. Ferdinand Porsche never lived to see his own name on a car, he died at the age of 75 just short time before the original 356 was shown to the public in 1950.

Ferry Porsches son Ferdinand (aka Butzi, grand son of the original Ferdinand Porsche) is still head of Porsche today, and his cousin Ferdinand Pi?ch was chief engineer of Audi during the 1970s and 80s, until he was elected chairman of the board, and president of Volkswagen in 1992, a job he held until he retired in 2003.

The family ties between Volkswagen and Porsche are strong!

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