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Re: [T3] SB with IV engine--was Wasser engine

<x-flowed>JimA=> SDC: Studebaker D... Club?

Studebaker Drivers Club, established in the early sixties, before the company went down, but without company support. Am I remembering right that VW has some sort of pseudo-club for marketing to current customers? VW itself discourages interest in its non-current models, although we've found here that dealers often love having old VWs on their lots to attract attention.

=> It's surprising that there doesn't seem to be more enthusiasm for these cars in Germany

I think the main problems there are very strict roadworthiness laws (designed in part, I speculate, to discourage retention of old cars in favor of new ones -- definitely the case in Japan -- to support domestic industry) and weather. All of Germany is in the Rust Belt. From what I've seen of German publications, there's clearly strong interest in and respect for oldtimers. They're just hard to maintain there. I've found this among the small numbers of Unimog and Setra enthusiasts in Germany as well. (Hey, any other Setra owners out there?)

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600
'59 BMW 600
'62 Setra S6-L
'58 Studebaker Golden Hawk
'72 Ford Ranchero GT
'82 Volvo 240DL (the Mule)

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