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Re: [T3] SB with IV engine--was Wasser engine

<x-flowed>Russ Wolfe wrote:

On Wed, 2005-02-23 at 13:36, Constantino Tobio wrote:

My Fasty was made Feb '73 (Happy 32nd birthday! I celebrate my 32nd next month) and production continued until July '73 if I'm not mistaken, when it was replaced by the Passat. While there technically could not be a '74, there were type 3s in the '74 sales records, so who knows what happened there. The VIN will tell all.

The assemble line was turned over to the Dasher, not the Passat. The Passat didn't start until later. Dasher, Quantum, Passat.

The Passat (B-Platform) was sold as the Dasher (B1) in the United States, and then as the Quantum (B2), until the B3 platform, much like the Golf (A1) in the US was the Rabbit until the A2 platform. I was being, uh, international with the naming convention. In Europe, the Passat was always the Passat and the Golf was always the Golf. For some reason, VWoA did not think those were good names for the US market, but they must have changed their minds eventually.

The naming convention for VW was to name their cars after winds in the H2O era (ironic, eh?)

Passat = Tradewind in German
Golf = Gulf wind in German
Jetta = Jet stream in German
Scirocco = A hot desert wind

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