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Re: [T3] Wasser engine

I found a SB with a  type 4 engine in it.  The conversion is not finished,
but they did have the motor running and could drive it.  They couldn't close
the deck lid and don't know what to do about that.  It's available at a very
good price and the car ('74, I didn't know they made them that late) is in
quite good condition.  I hven't seen it yet.

Yes, I am a darksider, and greatly enjoy putting motors in things that they
weren't designed for.  In the past, I put a Corvair 140 in a SB.  I put an
aluminum buick V8 in a dune buggy.  I put a Honda XL600 in an ATC.  My
latest is to put a Hirth 65 hp fuel injected motor in an airplane designed
for a 50 hp Rotax.  I don't have much info at this point, but does anyone
have an opinion of the 4 in a SB?  I found a site where several have done it
before, but it doesn't look cheap.  Hopefully this conversion already has
the eng/trans mating problems all worked out and perhaps the exhaust.  My
fear is that they ran it without the cool air bellows on and overheated it
as they say it is "not running".  The kid who owns it did not do the
conversion and doesn't know much about it.

My son's FI '69 SB is going well.  The pressure sensor had not been
adjusted.  The last guy tried to, but eveidently the epoxy held.  The screw
will not budge.  It's running ok.  Now for a tune up, and take the motor out
and clean it up/fix oil leaks.  The tranny has something loose in the
nosecone, making it very hard to shift.  So I'll be pulling the whole


Jim Showker

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