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Re: [T3] Newbie--more data on FI

Fuel pressure or voltage regulator (I can't remember
if you checked that already) would be my guesses at
this point.  The cylinder head temp sensor (can't
remember if that's I or II) can richen up the mixture
quite a bit.  The air intake temp sensor (measures oil
temp in earlier cars) can't vary it by nearly so much,
so if it is sensor trouble, it's more likely to be the

--- Jim Showker <jshowker@comcast.net> wrote:

> Hi,
>   Well here's where I am now.
> There is no cold start valve, etc.
> Checked the diaphragm in the pressure sensor
> (actually manifold vaccum
> sensor) and it seems like no leak.
> Checked the Temp Sensor I and Temp sensor II, they
> read 3.4K and 630 ohm at
> 35F ambient.
> Cleaned all connectors on the engine with Corrosion
> X, a miracle corrosion
> cleaner. Reconnected the two temp sensors.
> Started engine again.  Started right up this time.
> seemed a little rich, let
> it warm up to see if it was cold enrichment.  When
> warm the motor idled very
> well, with no black smoke.  If I would get in the
> throttle to rev it up, the
> exhaust would blacken, and do an overich backfire
> now and then.  While at
> fast idle, I pulled the hose off the pressure sensor
> and the engine
> immediately went very rich, black smoke like when we
> ran it before.  I
> pulled the connector off the pressure switch, no
> change.  Pulled the
> connector off the throttle switch, no change.  With
> the engine off I can
> hear the throttle switch click like it is suppose to
> when you move it off
> the stop.
> I studied the Bentley manual last night.  I
> understand fuel injection fairly
> well, as I have a plane I built with a two stroke
> fuel injected Hirth
> (german) engine in it.  I have modified that motor
> quite a bit and have
> completely reprogrammed the ECU (control module) to
> work with my mods.  It
> seems to me now that on this Squareback, that I
> basically checked everything
> and it's working or not affecting (pressure sw.,
> throttle sw.) normal
> running.  The electrical connections were probly not
> up to snuff.  The only
> thing left to my inexperienced way of thinking at
> this point would be the
> fuel pressure regulator.  I don't think it's ever
> been changed and it seems
> to me it could be off after 36 years. The fuel pump
> has been changed.  If it
> were regulating fuel pressure to some higher level,
> all running ranges would
> be rich.
> However, what do you think? I am so happy that this
> is working out.
> Thanks for your help.  Aren't news groups just the
> most amazing thing?
> Jim Showker
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