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RE: [T3] Taking off the Fan Housing

Everything is there. The plug is on the top and the hose is connected to
the oil filler pipe. The oil seems to be the wettest near the base of
the breather assembly. Could there be something blocking the breather
box, not letting it breath. I don't remember feeling any air coming out
from the outlet on the box.

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On 17 Feb 2005 at 10:45, Iturzaeta , Joseph wrote:

> I still have the fuel injection. It runs perfect except for oil 
> getting on everything. The breather box has on plastic plug on top. I 
> did take it because it was loose. There was a lot of oil build-up 
> inside it. How can I fix the breather?

Is that "one" plastic plug on top. If so, then you can't have the
problem that 
I was thinking of.

Check your breather box. It should have a pipe that runs straight down
from the 
RR  bottom corner. There will be another pipe coming up from the oil
pipe, near where it joins the case. There should be a short (~3") piece
of hose 
that joins the two metal pipes. These do not need hose clamps.

There should be a hose that runs ffrom the RR upper corner over to the

Is everything there and connected nicely? Is the box tight on the

If all this seems correct, can you describe again where you think you
see the 
most (or the wettest) oil?

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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